The Hameau du Guillet in Mougins

The hamlet de Guillet is an area located on the hills to the south of Mougins, close to the Cannes/Le Cannet border, as well as the Etang de Font Merle.

Access to the domain is controled by several gates at the different entrances:

The upper gate at the start of Chemin de Fontmerle, near the Parcs de Mougins and Avenue Pablo Picasso, close to the Etang.

The gate on Chemin de la Jaïne, a little further along Avenue Pablo Picasso

And the lower gate at the end of the Chemin de Fontmerle, at the limit of Avenue Marcel Védrine, the Victoire roundabout and Cannes.

The domain was closed in 2018, making it a safe environment for children, and providing a sense of security, particularly for holiday home owners who are often absent. The closure considerably reduced traffic levels as many people used the domaine as a short cut to reach North Mougins and Cannes. They must now make the detour via Notre Dame de Vie/Saint Basile or via the Chemin des Collines/Pablo Picasso.

In all, there are 46 parcels, organized around an “Association Syndicale Libre” with a professional manager. The particularity is that unlike estates such as La Peyrière or Domaine Saint Basile, the plots are bigger. Some are less than 2000m² but a number are over 5000m².

Regarding house prices, it is difficult to find a house there for less than a million euros. Many houses sell for much more. The Hameau du Guillet should not be confused with the Hameau du Val de Font Fouquier which has the same access, but which is reached from the Allée des Géraniums (also the chemin des Sources and part of the chemin des Eau), and where houses are cheaper.

Our CENTURY 21 Mougins Real Estate Agency has recently sold a house in Hameau du Guillet. Only a few days, and just 3 visits, were enough to find a delighted buyer! It was a very attractive, partly renovated house, of nearly 220m², located at the bottom of the Jaïne road. Advantages of the property included landscaped grounds with swimming pool of more than 1700m² and lovely open views to the sea. The Dutch owned house was for sale at €1,300,000, and thanks to our partly bilingual team, we were able to provide the service the owner needed to successfully conclude his sales project.

If you wish to sell or buy in the Hameau du Guillet in Mougins, do not hesitate to contact us. We would be delighted to support you in your project.


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