Make estimate your property

Do you have a short-term or even long-term project to sell your property on the French Riviera? Then the first step is to estimate your property, and whether it is an apartment, a house or a building plot, we are here to help you in this process in the most professional way possible.

Given that estimating a sales price is not an exact science, we prefer to provide a price range. To arrive at this range we use our considerable knowledge of the price of similar properties recently sold in your neighbourhood as well those currently available for sale. This detailed price information is rarely available to owners who generally have to rely on property advertisements and word of mouth.

The price at which we eventually recommend that the property should be offered for sale will obviously take account of the owners desire to sell more or less quickly, as well as market conditions including buyers' expectations and the availability of competing properties.

Our evaluation is offered free of charge and we will be happy to update it, to take account of the market evolution, if you decide to put it on sale at a later date.

If you wish to sell your property under the best conditions a realistic estimate is primordial so contact an expert.

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