The Domaine des Pins et des Chênes

The Domaine des Pins et des Chênes is in the Chemin des Peyroues in Mougins. It has the particularity of actually being made up of two separate residences with two entrances (Les Pins at 1784 Chemin des Peyroues and Les Chênes at 1642 Chemin des Peyroues) but with certain shared facilities.

It is located 200 meters on foot from local shops (bakery, butcher, hairdresser) and less than 5 minutes by car from supermarkets. In addition, the primary and nursery school of Saint Martin is located 1 minute by car.

The Domaine des Chênes comprises around thirty houses, either semi-detached or terraced, with between 1 and 3 bedrooms, often on one floor, with either a garden or a large terrace.

Domaine des Pins consists of 5 condominium buildings of 1 or 2 floors, forming around 70 dwellings. It is the same managing company, based in Mandelieu, who looks after the whole.

Among the common facilities there is a large park with children’s playground, a swimming pool and a football pitch in the forest.

Recently we sold a house there in 1 week! It was a 3 bedroomed terraced house of around 86m² in very good condition with a large finished basement, veranda, terraces and garage.

If you own a house or an apartment in the Domaine des Pins et des Chênes or in the neighborhood and you are thinking of selling, do not hesitate to call on our experienced team for a free estimate. We would be delighted to then be able to provide you with the benefit of our extensive portfolio of qualified buying clients.


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