Parc Saint Martin in Mougins

Parc Saint Martin in Mougins

The Parc Saint Martin is prestigious estate located in the town of Mougins at 1871 route de la Roquette, a short walk from the villages of Roquette sur Siagne and Mouans Sartouxwith easy access. The estate is closed by a single gate and includes 43 plots served by well-maintained access roads.
The prices of houses in the domain range from 1 to several million euros. The particularity of the domain is the size of the plots, mostly is between 6,000m² and 7,000m², with the largest over 12,000m² and the smallest 3,000m². Some have small private ponds and tennis courts. In all, the estate covers more than 42 hectares, a large part of which is protected woodland.
It’s a mix of primary residence and holiday homes, and some owners have been there since the estate was built in the early 1970s.

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If you live in Parc Saint Martin and are looking to sell, do not hesitate to contact us. Similarly if you are looking to buy a house in Parc Saint Martin, contact us; we often have houses for sale there, and they are not always on our website!


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