Only 2 days left to install your smoke detector!

After the safety device for pools made mandatory in 2003 (already!), we are now obliged to equip our housing with a smoke detector. This is with a view to reducing the considerable number of fire-related accidents and deaths.

Following the publishing of the law in the Official Journal in early February, owners have the obligation to install a smoke detector in each lodging prior to March 8th.

Although only one is required, it is recommended to install at least one per floor, and ideally one per room.

Good news: the installation is simple and inexpensive.

Prices range from 15 euros for a standard model to 40 euros for a detector with a battery life of ten years. There are obviously more High-Tec detectors, equipped with Wi-Fi and connected to a mobile phone, but for those the cost is more than 100 euros.

The important thing is to buy a detector bearing the NF mark in addition to the mandatory CE marking.

As for installation, the more the detector is placed high up and in the center of the room, the more effective it will be; but the most important thing is to remember to activate it!

Finally, do not forget inform your insurance company of the installation. A sample letter is often provided with the detector.


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